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Galo Galecio

Galo Galecio: "Tres Mujeres"

Was born in 1913 in Vinces, Los Rios, Ecuador where he lives. He studied at Escuela Superior de Arte in Guayaquil. He iniated his carreer as a graphic, newspaper cartoonist in 1929.

He belonged to the Artists’ Group from the Liberal Magazine COCORICO, and it was during those years that he held exhibitions of his work. In 1945 he was sent to Mexico, during the revolutionary goverment of Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, to study muralism and engraving.

He was a guest artist at the TGP. In 1946 he painted murals in the Escuela de Arte, of the Department of Education. His portfolio, Bajo la Linea del Ecuador was published y Editorial Estampa Mexicana.







May 6, 2008

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