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Alberto Beltrán

Juarez Elaborando Puros by BeltranMedia: Linoleum Cut
Themes: The Social and Political Awareness

Alberto Beltrán was born in Mexico City in March 22, 1923. where he lived.

In 1934 he became an apprentice, in his father’s taylor shop. He attended night the commercial graphics school at San Carlos Academy . Later, he took courses at La Academia de Gráfica Libre under the guidance of Carlos Alvarado Lang.

He joined Taller de Gráfica Popular in 1944. His productions of a great amount of flyers were published in workers unions’ publications, journals and booklets for the alphabetization campaigns and missions organized by the Institute of Indigenous People.

From 1948 on he took responsibilities in several positions of leading committees in the the TGP.
In 1953 he became a founding member of the Mexican Fine Arts’ Institute. In 1967 he also became a Founder Member of the Mexican Academy of Arts.

In 1956 he received the National Price from the National Institute for fine Arts (INBA), in Graphics, and two years later he won the first place in Graphics at the First Interamerican Biannual Contest in Mexico. In 1958 as President of TGP, he attended the Peace Congress in Stocolm Sweeden.

He has been editor at several liberal publications such as the “Ahi va el Golpe” (There Goes a Punch), el “Coyote Emplumado” (The feather Coyote). He has also been a member of the editoral council of the Mexican daily “El Dia”.

He also had been director of the art departament at the Universidad Veracruzana, in Jalapa, Veracruz. He has received many awards, and he has participated with his works in large number of Expositions.

He resigned the TGP in 1960.

April 20, 2008

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